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10 Reasons to Hire a Brevard Family Lawyer for Divorce Support

Gutin & Wolverton April 18, 2017

Divorce is an emotional roller coaster, and litigation can be the scariest part. From child custody to property division, the legal process has the potential to make things worse.

But it doesn’t have to.

Brevard County Family Law is available at night, during the week, and on weekends with human support to help you navigate the process. In the U.S., nearly half of marriages end in divorce.

We are here to make yours easier. Here are some ways we help you with divorce support.

1. Affordable, Customized Divorce Support

We provide a wide variety of divorce support for different cases, including contested, uncontested, cooperative, and uncooperative, at affordable rates. Whatever your situation is, we can help you come up with solutions.

Choosing the right divorce attorney is an important decision in your life.

2. Solve Problems Now

The most common reasons for divorce include infidelity and money-related issues. Divorce support is also often required to solve issues around child custody and asset protection.

These cases might be bumpy.

Divorce is often brought about by urgent problems, including serious abuse.

It is estimated that one out of every four women will experience abuse in their homes. Additionally, men are often the victims of abuse by their partners.

Legal steps can be taken to resolve these problems now, making your life better.

Once you are able to better think about the long term, you will be able to focus on your divorce.

3. Represent Your Own Interests

Your relationship with your spouse might be stable, or it might be chaotic. The reality of any divorce is that you have your own interests separate from your spouse’s.

Your spouse may already have legal representation. You may even like what their representation says, and think that it is helpful to you.

Still, it is important to realize that you have your own divorce support.

Legal representation on your behalf will help protect your interests and set you up for a better, long-term solution.

4. Ease the Pressure on Yourself

The burden of divorce can be so draining that you cannot focus on anything else. These proceedings take tolls on people in psychological and emotional ways.

Divorce can affect your mental health greatly. Depression, for example, can cause and be caused by divorce.

Naturally, any break in stress is good news.

Solid divorce support from clear, legal representation lets you worry less about the legal battle and focus more on your personal goals.

5. Speed up the Divorce Process

Besides understanding the subtle details of your case, professional lawyers can help speed up divorce proceedings.

The average divorce settlement can be long and costly.

Depending on the stakes, they can take years.

A case that drags on can seem like it’s taking forever. With our divorce support, you can shorten the time spent dealing with the unpleasant nature of these cases.

6. Translate Legal Jargon

The wording of divorce proceedings can be intimidating for anyone not trained in the legal world. We can work with you to explain legal papers and procedures.

Once you better understand the jargon, the whole procedure will make more sense to you.

With a better understanding of these situations, you will be able to make better-informed decisions.

7. Objective, Expert Perspective on Divorce

This is a particularly emotional time in your life. Without realizing it, you might quickly make decisions that you regret later.

We can provide our own perspective on your decisions, based on legal knowledge. The long term is easier to understand from a calm perspective.

Your spouse might have his or her own idea of what the best decision is, but that doesn’t mean they are right. They might be trying to deceive you, or they might be misinformed.

Regardless, it is important to have external divorce support to help consider your best legal interests.

8. Protect Your Assets

Many marriages come to an end after a friendly agreement between both partners.

In other instances, the fate of shared value creates conflict between both sides.

Who will get what? How will our financial futures be shared?

These are negotiations best done with legal help.

The dissipation of assets is one method that your spouse might use to reduce the amount of wealth you receive. This happens when your spouse spends lots of money before any divorce agreement is final.

Then, when the case is settled, you are left with less than you deserve.

It is common for the home to be at the center of a divorce. Legal help can position you in a better place to understand the future of your home.

Often, divorced couples decide to sell their home. This can be the most economic decision for the couple.

Do you want to own your home? Should it be sold? Once you know the answer, legal professionals can help you achieve this goal.

9. Child Custody Done Right
Often, the most contentious part of divorce proceedings is the fate of your child or children.

According to the U.S. census, one out of every four American children lives with one custodial parent while the other parent lives elsewhere.

In 2013, only one out of every 6 custodial parents was a father.

Of course, the outcomes of divorce settlement vary greatly.

Depending on your case, you may want full custody of your child or split custody with your divorced spouse.

We can help you determine your most viable outcome.

10. Set Yourself up for the Future

Ultimately, the goal of your divorce support is to create the best result for you. Divorce is a very difficult time for anyone. While the divorce rate has declined in recent years, divorces are still numerous enough that legal procedures are common.

Despite how tough these times are, you have options to move forward. With the right choices, you will create a happier future.

A Brevard Family Lawyer can provide necessary divorce support to help you understand your options and pick the best one.

Contact us to begin creating a better tomorrow for yourself.