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Facebook Seeks to Dodge Abusive Texting Claims

Gutin & Wolverton Dec. 7, 2020

Another Great Post from SubScripLaw written by MARIAM MORSHEDI with the full article here.

Facebook knows a lot about us.
It’s fair to say that Facebook could use our personal information to make abusive auto-calls and texts if it so desired. . . and if the law did not prevent it from doing so.

This case is about whether Facebook’s auto-texting system is regulated under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, a law designed to prevent abusive auto-calls and texts.

Noah Duguid is not a Facebook user, Never signed up for Facebook, Never entered his contact information to Facebook; Nevertheless, somehow Facebook got Duguid’s number into its auto-text system and kept sending him text messages that his (nonexistent) account was accessed from an unauthorized device.

Duguid tried to get the messages to stop by responding to the text and by sending emails. He got auto-responses. First, Facebook’s system told him that the messaging was turned off, but it wasn’t. He also received auto-responses telling him to log-on to his account to deal with it. Obviously, Duguid had no account, so he was further frustrated. The messages kept coming.

Finally, Duguid filed a lawsuit against Facebook, claiming a violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.
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