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Palm Bay Florida DUI Lawyers Near Me

Gutin & Wolverton Feb. 9, 2022

In Florida, many DUI cases arise after a person is suspected of drinking while out on the water at Three Forks Marsh or Turkey Creek Sanctuary. Visitors or residents might have been drinking a little while out at Melbourne Harbor or while kicking back on nearby Melbourne Beaches. Some people may have taken a historic tour of the Ted Moorhead Lagoon House and then want to liven things up at one of Florida’s nightlife scenes.

If you were arrested for a Palm Bay Florida DUI, it is important that you quickly contact a Palm Bay Florida DUI lawyer. You can search for “Palm Bay Florida DUI lawyer near me“, or you can simply call The Law Office of Gutin & Wolverton for your DUI representation.

We stand apart from other Palm Bay Florida DUI attorneys for the following reasons.

A Track Record of Success in Palm Bay Florida DUI Cases

The experienced Palm Bay Florida DUI lawyers at Gutin & Wolverton are knowledgeable about all aspects of DUI laws.

Our principal DUI attorney, Stephen Wolverton, has won over 95% of his DUI jury trials over the last seven years.

While no Pam Bay Florida DUI lawyer can guarantee a result, we can tell you that we will fight diligently to protect your freedom and your rights.

Continued Access to Your Palm Bay Florida DUI Lawyer

At Gutin & Wolverton, we are committed to being accessible by our clients. This is why we are available 24/7. If you are behind bars, we can visit you in jail at the Brevard County Detention Center or other facilities.

We provide you with a free consultation to learn about your rights and the possible defenses that may apply to your case. We maintain contact with you throughout the representation, so you will always know where your case is at and what we are doing to protect your rights. We will sit down with you and explain your options at each stage.

Our goal is to learn as much about your case as possible so that we can develop a customized legal strategy based on its strengths.

Protecting Your Driving Privileges in Palm Bay Florida

There are two components to your Palm Bay Florida DUI case: the criminal case and the administrative hearing for your driving privileges. We can assist you with both aspects.

We know that your freedom to drive is important in maintaining your employment and contact with the community, so we will work just as hard to keep you on the road.

When looking for a Palm Bay Florida DUI lawyer near you, contact us.

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