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The Role of A Florida Divorce Mediator

Gutin & Wolverton Nov. 20, 2019

If your marriage has come to an end, it may be very difficult for you to have a productive conversation with your spouse about your upcoming divorce. That’s why it’s so important to meet with a divorce mediator. They are a neutral party and their only job is to help you and your spouse reach a resolution in your divorce that is fair and amicable. Simply think of a mediator as a referee in the world of divorce.

In this blog post we’ll go over what a divorce mediator does in more depth, as well as a little more information about the mediation process. Please call the Law Offices of Gutin and Wolferton to find out how you can begin your divorce mediation process.

Who Is Qualified to Be a Florida Divorce Mediator?

A divorce mediator is professionally trained to help divorcing couples discuss and resolve the issues related to their divorce. They are completely neutral and do not work for either party. If circumstances warrant it, a mediator may suggest the involvement of a parental coordinator or an accountant.

Why Work with A Florida Divorce Mediator?

If you feel you and your spouse are not making progress on your divorce because you can’t have a civil conversation with each other, then using the services of a divorce mediator may be to your benefit. They can help you and your spouse understand the legal system in Florida and teach you how the Florida court system handles various issues that may pertain to your divorce.

What Does a Florida Divorce Mediator Do?

A divorce mediator will intervene during challenging discussions, keep the line of communication flowing, provide assistance during the decision-making process, and help the discussion stay focused on divorce-related topics. A focused conversation led by a mediator is very important because it prevents a divorcing couple from calling each other names and bringing up past hurts, which will not help the mediation process.

What Subjects Can Be Discussed with A Florida Divorce Mediator?

A divorce mediator can help facilitate an agreement on a number of issues, including:

  • Child custody

  • Child support

  • Alimony

  • Taxes

  • Retirement

Not all divorce-related agreements are simple to reach and that’s why a mediator is needed. In some cases, a divorcing couple can have a face to face meeting with their divorce mediator. In other cases, they need to meet one on one with their mediator.

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