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To Hire or Not to Hire a DUI Lawyer in The State of Florida.

Gutin & Wolverton March 4, 2021

Having a clean driving record is essential for many things in life, such as insurance or career purposes.
Being charged with a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) is not a regular traffic citation that you can pay off and walk away from or take a driving course to get rid of. It can lead to serious legal ramifications and life difficulties if you’re convicted of those charges.

Regardless of the case your facing or the evidence that is built against you, it’s essential to work hard to fight for a clean record. It’s your life and future on the line, so time is of the essence to fight your DUI case.

You need to use a reputable DUI lawyer in Cocoa, Florida, who has the experience, proper tools, and manpower to help you fight off this charge and we can help you!

What Are the BAC Limits (Blood Alcohol Concentration Limits) in Florida?

Under the Florida DUI laws, the limit for Blood Alcohol Concentration is 0.08. If you’re underage, the BAC limit is even lower, at 0.02. If you blow higher than .15, you’re going to face a more significant penalty.

When you get your driver’s license in Florida, you’re consenting to take a breathalyzer, urine, or a blood test if an officer pulls you over and asks to test you. If you say no to these tests, you can have your license suspended for a year or up to eighteen months if this is a repeat offense.

If you’re arrested for a DUI, you should expect a DUI refusal charge of your license if you did not allow for a breath, urine, or blood test to be taken. This suspension can also occur if the results of a breathalyzer were .08 or more. Your license suspension will occur within the first ten days unless you appeal it. It’s important to note that this charge is separate from your criminal case for your DUI.

What Are the Criminal Penalties for A DUI?

Various criminal penalties can occur due to your DUI, including jail time, probation, community service, fines, or ignition interlock devices.

Jail Time: There are no specific guidelines on how short of a time you can be sent to jail for a first-time DUI offense. However, there are maximum times that range from six months to five years, depending on your BAC, who was in your car, injuries or property damages that occurred, and how severe those injuries or damages were.

Probation: All first-time DUI offenders will be put on probation, sometimes in combination with jail time.

Community Service: All first-time DUI offenders will need to complete a minimum of 50 hours of community service as a condition of their probation.

Fines: DUI fines have a wide range depending on the circumstances surrounding your DUI. It can be as small as $500 or jump to $12,000 when all is said and done.

Ignition Interlock devices: This may not be applied to your case if this is your first-time offense and your BAC was under .08. If your BAC was greater than that, the judge might order the Ignition Interlock Device for at least six months. A minimum of six months is mandatory if you had a passenger under 18 in the car or a BAC of over .15%

Is It Worth Getting a Lawyer DUI Lawyer in Cocoa, FL for A DUI?

The short answer: Yes, it’s worth it to get a lawyer each and every time!

While you are not required to hire a lawyer to handle your case, doing everything yourself can leave you prone to making mistakes that could result in permanent consequences from your Florida DUI penalties. You don’t want a potential felony, or misdemeanor stuck on your permanent records. Instead, you want an assertive attorney on your side to find the best solution to your case. Here are some other benefits of hiring a professional DUI attorney.

Quickly Identifies Case Issues: DUI lawyers can help provide a strong defense for your case based on your specific situation. They have the training and expertise to find any issues that may leave you exposed and provide you with the proper solutions to alleviate any consequences. Without a lawyer, you could face penalties like probation, community service, fines, prison or jail time, an ignition interlock device on your car.

Access to Proper Information: DUI lawyers will help you with all your questions, from legal requirements to the next steps, and will ensure that nothing is forgotten along the way. A DUI case, for instance, has two separate issues associated with it, including the suspension of your driving license and your criminal case. Both cases are filed at different times and require different strategies. You need a powerful attorney fast to help with your criminal case and the suspension of your driver’s license.

Protecting Your Best Interests: While everyone has access to legal help by searching the internet, you’re going to be your only advocate to protect your best interests unless you hire a qualified DUI lawyer. Even if you have evidence to prove yourself not guilty, it’s wrong to assume that you will always be treated fairly during the process. Using an experienced lawyer will help to level the playing field by ensuring the law is followed, your rights are protected, and you have a strong defense for your case.

How Much Does a Dui Lawyer Cost in Florida?

Before you can figure out your price point, most law offices will make you pay for a consultation first.

At The Law Offices of Gutin and Wolverton, we provide free case consultations. Consultations are a scheduled time where you’ll sit down with a lawyer to discuss your case, details about yourself, and any background information that applies to the situation.

Your potential lawyer will review the material and discuss a plan of action moving forward, along with the costs of using their services. Most DUI attorneys will not take pro-bono cases, so expect to pay for these costs out of pocket. The actual price of a DUI Lawyer in Cocoa, FL, is subjective and will depend on a few factors, including your specific case details, the level of experience, location, and hourly rates of the lawyer.

Specific Case Details: The total charge for your case depends on the circumstances surrounding it. Was this your first offense DUI in Florida, or have you had prior charges? Did you submit to a breath test, or did you deny it? Do you have previous criminal charges? These factors will play into the amount of work that needs to go into your specific case.

Experience of Your Lawyer: If you’re contacting an expert in DUI cases, expect to see the prices reflect their experience. You’re paying for their time and expertise on your case, which is essential if you want to have a real chance of beating your charges.

Location of Your Lawyer: The location of where you live and where your lawyer is based can affect your prices. This is especially true if they need to travel to your location.

Hourly Rates: DUI lawyers can charge anywhere between $200-$400 an hour. The size of the firm can also impact the price you pay. Larger firms have a higher overhead cost, so they’ll charge more than smaller firms. You can’t base the lawyer’s quality on the size of the firm. Always judge by the experience they’ve had in handling cases just like yours.

What if I can’t afford a good DUI lawyer?

The more important question is if you can pay the price for a DUI if you don’t hire a lawyer.

The average DUI costs between $8,000 and $12,000. This cost is significantly higher than the cost of legal services. It’s a no-brainer that using a lawyer will help you save money, time and provide better case results. It might seem like a significant amount to pay, but not having to sit in jail or spend a ton in fines makes it worth the price.

If you’re struggling financially to afford a lawyer, you can always ask about payment programs to afford their services. This is dependent on the specific lawyer, as not everyone offers this service, and some firms will expect fees to be paid upfront.

It’s important to remember that you need to pay for the quality of professionalism and service you want with your case. Less expensive does not always mean the best deal. It can cost you more money when you need to have someone else come in to fix your mistakes. When it comes to something as important as fighting a DUI charge, you need to find a high-quality lawyer, like The Law Offices of Gutin and Wolverton, who has your best interests in mind.

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